Sunday, 24 November 2013

Google Apps for Education Summit - KL

Just got back from the Google summit in KL and have had loads of great ideas, particularly on Google spreadsheets, but some other nice tips as well, which I may go into in a different post.

One of the main things that sticks in my mind right now (along with some other great tips from +Jay Atwood ) was the ability to use Google translate inside a spreadsheet.

At the moment I have no idea how I can use this (as I work in an international school with a good number of EAL learners, i'm sure that there may be some uses), but it's a great little feature. Along with this, I saw some more excellent uses of Google scripting inside spreadsheets for automating a wide range of tasks. Most of the scripts are written by a guy called +Andrew Stillman, who has (I think) websites here and here

My current favourite is a script for showing student grades on a google site - basically, they (the students) log in and are shown their grades in graphical format. This graph is pulled from a google spreadsheet that is stored in a user's drive. A script is added to the site (pretty much a copy/paste job) to make the chart load.

The tutorial for this is linked below:

This isn't a video, but you can click here to watch the real one!